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Period pants are pretty popular, just purchase the right pair!

After many years of using disposable tampons, in my late 30s I had a conversation with a friend who had started using a menstrual cup as she had been having a lot of problems with tampons.

She raved about them. She’d had such a positive experience and was happy to share it because the cup had made such a difference to her life. She was so enthusiastic that I thought it was worth a try and so I have been using the cup (on and off) for the last few years.

I wasn’t aware of the availability of other reusable products but was very keen to give the period pants a try when I heard about them at an information session at work.

Shopping spree

Unfortunately, the heavy flow pants I was interested in weren’t available – they must be getting really popular. They sold out very quickly when they became available again, so I missed out on them twice. In the end I went for the same style of pants but the low/medium flow version. The pants themselves are great. They are big and comfortable. I like big pants anyway so that was fine!

My trial run

I bravely tested them on an early morning run and, unfortunately, they did leak a wee bit. Now, I do think this is because they were designed for low/medium flow and the heavy flow pants are the ones I need at the start of my period and when I’m doing exercise. 

I’ll keep these low flow pants for towards the end of my period in future but, to get the full benefit, I will need to keep an eye on the website and get in quickly the next time my preferred pants are available.

Best bits...

What I really like about the pants is the fact that I don’t need to think about removing anything, or changing a pad. I can wear the pants and then wash them for next time. One pair of pants isn’t enough though, so I will have to order some more

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