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“Period-proof pants – these bad boys are brilliant!”

I’ve never been one for jumping on trends when they are at the height of their popularity. Oddly, I usually take a liking to something when the moment has gone.

When it comes to period products, I was adamant that disposable pads were for me even though my friends had already moved on to tampons. Eventually, I made the bold move over to tampons and questioned why I hadn’t done it sooner.

Taking the leap

So, when I was given the opportunity to try out some period-proof underwear for Zero Waste Scotland’s reusable period products campaign I thought, why not? This time, I was not going to wait. And, after just one go, I am already a convert.

If you’re a tampon user, you’ll know this. The fear of a bathroom with no bin is real. What am I supposed to do with it? How do some of my friends manage with no bins in their bathrooms? So many questions. Period-proof underwear takes away the worry of finding your nearest disposal unit and they absorb your flow, so you actually forget you’re on your period completely.

These pants also removed that ritual in the morning when I’m scratching my head, figuring out how many tampons or liners to take depending on my expected flow that day. That’s a big plus, especially as flows change and can be hard to predict. What’s not so great are those heavier days.

Let's put these bad boys to the test

I wore them on day two, which is usually quite heavy. While I didn’t even notice them for most of the day, there came a point when I had to swap them out.

Personally, I’d say these are perfect for those lighter days and when it’s difficult to predict what your uterus will be up to next. Of course, this depends on what absorbency strength you go for – I went with regular ones, but there are super absorbency ones out there.

Period-proof underwear is really easy to wash. Just give them a quick rinse under the sink, pop them in the washing machine with the rest of the load and let them dry overnight. This way, you can use one pair of pants multiple times during the one period.

My verdict?

After giving them a go, I will definitely be buying another pair. They’re comfy and super-convenient, plus they seem to be a more natural option as tampons run the risk of toxic shock syndrome. I didn’t leak once, and less waste equals a happier planet. So, what are you waiting for?

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