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Try swapping to reusable period products

The environmental impact of single-use period products is staggering with 427.5 million being disposed of every year in Scotland. Even worse, one pad can take up to 500 years to break down. 

Which of these options works for you?

Menstrual cup
Reusable cloth pads
Period pants

Here's the good news

In our recent survey, 76% of people said they’d consider trying at least one reusable period product – would you? By giving reusables a #TrialPeriod you can reduce your environmental impact and have a comfortable, leak-free, more sustainable and hygienic period.

Making the switch to reusables

Catherine from the Zero Waste Scotland team was surprised by the scale of reusable options available out there - watch our video to hear more about making the switch from single-use period products when Louisa dropped by to have a chat about their experiences...